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General Catalog for Iraq 
August 2012

Internet Pricing for Iraq
(please contact sales for password) 

Company Profile


When searching for a high quality/guaranteed product/service, mSolutions Inc. has continually proven to be a leader in this industry.This is demonstrated in the following ways:


  • Our team consists of CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), Microsoft Certified Professionals, and professional website designers with knowledge in Flash PHP and CSS sheets with over 10 years experience.

  • Established business for over 13 years in the Technology field, currently Distributors for companies such Kaspersky, Hughes, iDirect, Bosch, Checkpoint, Linksys and Cyberoam to name a few.

  • Our company holds a global presence with offices around the world, including Detroit Michigan USA, Montreal Canada, Dubai United Arab Emirates and Baghdad Iraq. Our team consists of members fluent in many languages such as English, French, Arabic and Kurdish.

mSolutions Inc. has specialized in full IT Customized Solutions Provider, vsat internet, software solutions, IT security, and access controls and cctv solutions since 1996. We have been cited by many Government, NGO and SMB, as a leader in the technology, IT and security industry. Our staff is comprised of over 15 members who specialize in many aspects of IT technology, such as IT security, camera solutions, customized web applications and design and devote ourselves to continual improvement to maintain our leadership.



mSolutions Inc. will maintain a staff of over 3 employees who will be assigned to your specific project.


We will hope to serve you in the best and professional matter that we have come to entrust with many of our clients from Government organizations to SMB to Small and Medium Businesses.



Company History



About us

Since the beginning we have been working on Surveillance CCTV systems and access controls, we started in the States installing DVR Surveillance systems for Gas Stations and Hotels, we have then expanded to Canada and now to the Middle East providing other solutions related to customized solutions. We started installing using coax, and where the first companies to use balun UTP to run our camera wires and now due to our high involvement in IT have switched to IP Camera technology. We are currently selling at our locations Sony, Bosch, Pelco, and our own branded chinese cameras for smaller setups through our own branding. Our focus now has been in the fields of ISP and IT Security, the needs of high quality solutions has been required and requested in Iraq in all fields of and departments of government and SMB's.


A full range of IT solutions, IP telephony, VSAT integrator, Security IT Solutions, Web Design & Hosting, Graphics Design, Biometrics Access controls, time attendance and video surveillance solutions.


We are a full IT Customized Solutions Provider; we provide vsat internet, software solutions, IT security, and access controls and cctv solutions


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